Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Story

Not that I am worth reading about, as far as being better than anyone else. But I have had something amazing happen to me a while ago that I felt would be worth sharing.

When I was a boy in middle school (Laramie), I use to hang around a bunch of guys and we did a bunch of crazy things like throwing snowballs at cars, breaking into houses (never stole anything, just did it for the adventure), and exploring in the woods of Oak Forest. And as it is in social circles, in order to keep the status of coolness, we always were in pursuit of doing more daring things in order to maintain our high position ;-).
Sidenote: I always had this empty feeling inside of me, that I wanted filled.
Eventually, our pursuit of "fun" and adventure led us to a handicapped guys house. My friends use to tease him, and although I didn't really like this, I stayed with them & stood in the background. I wanted to be with my friends but didn't want to make fun of someone (other than just teasing my friends). One day this man said to us, "One of these days you guys are going to kill me." . Well, one day, when I wasn't with my friends, they went back to this guys house. He fell down the stairs & ended up never coming out of the hospital. My friends thought this was funny, but I was angry about this (although I, until right now, never mentioned this to them).
Slowly, I started to pull away from this group of friends. And found that there was a widening gap coming between us.

One night, while lying in bed, something amazing happened to me. While I was lying there, feeling bummed about my friends, a song from Sunday School came to my mind (by the way I didn't like Sunday School or really care for church at all- ask my former teachers, they will tell you how bad I was), "Jesus loves me.". Then a picture vividly came to my mind. It was a picture of Jesus standing outside of a house knocking on the frontdoor. Behind the door was a family (dad, mom, girl, boy) sitting in there and looking at the door. I thought, "Why won't this family open the door to Jesus?".
Being frustrated at this image, the thought came to me, "Why won't I open the door to Jesus and allow him to come into my life?" So I decided to open the door and ask Jesus become my savior.
Now this is the strange part- remember the emptiness? Well, there was instantly a feeling of overwhelming peace that came into me and filled that emptiness. It was a very powerful moment. It was at that moment that I knew that God had forgiven me and had come into my life.
There wasn't a flash of lightning or any angelic choir (that I could hear). I didn't grow a beard & start walking around in sandals. I didn't become a perfect person either. The only big differences I noticed is that I had this new peace & I actually got something out of church that next Sunday.

Since then, my heart has always desired to know Christ & to follow him by loving God & loving others. I am far from perfect, but I desire to be holy. I am no better than you, but I desire to honor God. The Bible teaches that we all sin, we are all guilty before God. You and me. The Bible teaches that the wages of sin is death & that our best efforts to earn salvation are but dirty rags that amount to nothing.
That is why Jesus had to come. He laid down His life to be the sacrifice for our sins. But not only for just our sins, but the sins of the whole world. And the Bible teaches that anyone who trust in Jesus, accepting Him as their savior, will not perish but have eternal life. Have you ever done this? Do you have eternal life or are you still under the guilt of sin? I am not talking about being better than other people. I am talking about you and me being forgiven. Are you forgiven?

My desire is that all of my friends will one day be in God's presence, along with everyone else who trusts Christ as their salvation. Will you ask Him to come and be your savior too? If so, you can have this forgiveness and eternal life too. You can have a relationship with your Creator and be adopted into His family. You too can have a heavenly Father who turns his ears to your prayers & helps you through the problems of life. You can have hope of better things to come & a peace with God.

Just wanted to challenge you here.



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