Friday, April 30, 2010

Energy Savings

So I tried to crank down the central heating this year at night to around 55 & put an electric heater in each bedroom. Here is what happened:

For January-March I broke even on gas. The average temp for 2009 & 10 was exactly the same 29 degrees and I averaged the same gas usage 114 therms.

Electric for 2009 cost us $65 on average a month.
Electric for 2010 cost us $89 average a month because we used A LOT more electric.

Results- electric room heaters may be worth it in a drafty room, but it cost more to crank down the heat at night & use electrical room heaters.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why does God sometimes not answer prayer?

I hate when people say, "God answers all prayers. Sometimes the answer is no." I am not completely sure WHY I hate this answer. Possibly because it seems like a cop-out or some kind of defense for God, as if God really needed us to defend His rep. Possibly because I think that if God is real, which I believe He is (and it really doesn't matter what I personally believe, the fact is that He is) & He says He answers prayers, then He should do it. Otherwise, maybe God isn't a god of His word. But I digress.

Here is an answer from Moody Bible Institute's "Today in the Word" (April 22, 2010), that I thought was a great response:

Jesus promises: "Then the Father will give you whatever you ask in my name" -John 15:9-17
The context for answered prayer is God's mission. The Father answers prayers that accord with and are focused upon pursuit and fulfillment of His work. Prayers that are motivated by selfishness are not aligned with the will of God; we should not interpret this verse as a amgic word to get whatever we want. Riather, praying in Jesus' name recognizes His authority over our lives and our desire to live out our calling as His followers.