Friday, April 30, 2010

Energy Savings

So I tried to crank down the central heating this year at night to around 55 & put an electric heater in each bedroom. Here is what happened:

For January-March I broke even on gas. The average temp for 2009 & 10 was exactly the same 29 degrees and I averaged the same gas usage 114 therms.

Electric for 2009 cost us $65 on average a month.
Electric for 2010 cost us $89 average a month because we used A LOT more electric.

Results- electric room heaters may be worth it in a drafty room, but it cost more to crank down the heat at night & use electrical room heaters.



  1. Just curious. What was the cost per therm of natural gas this year vs last year? How many therms did you use last year? How much more in gas would you have paid had you used the same settings on your thermostat as last year, without upping the electricity usage?

  2. So, wait, I just re-read that second paragraph. Sorry I didn't notice earlier that you said you averaged the same usage; 114 therms.

    I guess I don't get how you could've used the same amount of gas while turning the thermostat down at night.

  3. It takes longer to warm up the house in the morning thus averaging out the gas usage. My house cooled 1-2 degrees per hour.