Friday, August 20, 2010

Swingsets & Heaven

I will never forget the moment when my son, Benjamin, didn't want my help swinging on the swings. "I can do it myself", Benjamin told me. Similarly, that is how most of the world thinks about earning the right to be in Heaven. They wrongly believe that they can or have to do it themselves.

However, one day a young, what we would consider moral or devout man came up to Jesus and ask what He must "do" to enter Heaven. Jesus challenged Him and said, "Why do you call Me (referring to Jesus) good? No one is good except God alone." Jesus didn't even allow Himself the title of being good....which basically tells me that if salvation was up to me doing enough good to be considered good.....then I'm screwed! Jesus' disciples then asked Him, "Who can be saved?" Jesus' response was, "With man this is impossible." (Luke 18:19-27).

So, one day when you stand before God, He may ask, "Why should I let you into Heaven with Me?" What will your response be?

If it's, "Well I'm a pretty good person. Haven't stolen, murdered, or cheated anyone.", "I went to church every week & gave some money.", or "I took care of my ailing grandma.", then you will fall short because the "I did it myself" answer does not make you perfect. In order to enter Heaven, you have to be perfect. And unless you are either completely full of pride, or completely ignorant, you know that you are far from perfect. You, me, we all have missed the mark of perfection, we all are defiled, prone to sin, prone to be selfish at times, prone to think evil thoughts once in a while...right?

So what will you say to God on the day you meet Him? Either when Jesus returns or when you die. What will your answer be? Is it possible for anyone to be saved or are we all lost?

Email me, or send me a message for the answer if you want. Or here are a few passages from the Bible that give the answer. Don't take my word for it, look it up for yourself:
Romans 3:23
Romans 5:6-8
John 3:14-18
John 1:12
Romans 10:9-11
1 John 3:13

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