Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why do people get angry at God?

Why do people get angry with God?

People get angry with God when they los

e perspective on God, which can be caused by something very painful happening to them. Sometimes life jolts us into losing proper focus, like a finger in a socket can throw off our balance.

People get angry with God when they are not actually angry with God, but angry over some self-formulated image of who God is or what God has promised. The blame goes up to their god, but their god does not even exist to hear, because their god does not exist. Sadly, many preachers (Joyce

Meyer, Joel Olsteen, etc) today give them this bad perspective of God.

People get angry with God when they are raised in God’s blessing. Where as, someone who is raised in suffering has learned a proper view of God, someone raised in privilege may crumble when that privilege is taken away. There is something deep inside a person of privilege where they cannot handle to ever do without the things that they want.

People get angry with God when they want nothing to do with God, and then a hard time enters into their life. The problem is that they have been so hardened to God, and to His character, and so full of their own, that they feel cheated.

People get angry with God when He thwarts or does not bend to their plan for their life. They are going along just fine, triking down the path of life, with goals, dreams, desires. When God steps in to help them, they want nothing more than for God to go back away. They do not understand that sometimes suffering is a blessing. They do not realize that God has been there all along, trying to get their attention in a kindly manner. And now, because of His love, He turns up the temperature of His passion for them....they find Him even less desirable.

People get angry with God, when God becomes nothing more than a mere invisible friend or buddy. They have become so familiar with God, that they forget that He is God. His ways are not our ways. His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.

Is it wrong to get angry with God? Depends what angry means. For in our anger, we don't want to sin or become bitter.

Is it wrong to suffer and to struggle with God? No. It is just fine. But one must remember that when you are angry with God, you are missing clarity.

A good example of how to express anger at God is David's struggle in Psalm 13. David was a man of sorrows, and familiar with suffering. Yet, he was a man after God's own heart.

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