Saturday, June 11, 2011

Findlay People are Wicked

There is a view in middle USA, that believes that we are pretty good people & God is not disappointed with us. We believe that we are moral & will enter God's good graces when we die, because we aren't bad.

In my opinion, people in Hancock county, Findlay are corrupt, and have committed terrible injustices. There is no one who does good at all.
God has looked down from heaven upon Findlay to see if there is anyone who is wise, who seeks after God.
Every one of them has turned aside; together they have become corrupt. There is not one Findlay person who I found who does good, not even one (Psalm 53).

So where does our idea of "we are good people" come from?
It is surely pride & depravity of heart. It is a total debacle of our understanding of what moral and good is. It is people... you saying you believe in God, but really you do not. You are of the same faith as the atheist, but even worse because you believe you are better off, more holy then they, and you deceive yourself. You hold to a made up idea of godliness, but deny God's real power. You do "good" deeds on occasion to feel better about yourself. You attend church "more than Joe" does, and use the most godless person you can think of to compare yourself, when all the while Jesus is the one we are to be comparing ourselves to. You give some money to charity, so you feel noble. You don't listen to that "bad music" and maybe even to Christian music, yet you devour your neighbors with your thoughts.

O that you would see that you are not as good, nearly as good as you think you are.

So what is the remedy for this? Is there any hope for you? There is, but I am pretty sure you are too busy to really care. And am I any better than you?

John 3:16, John 10:10. There is one who took up this monumental task, so that we could be declared righteous before God, so that we could be saved from God tearing us to pieces (Psalm 50:22). Sadly, you probably don't even care because somehow you still believe that you really don't need saving. Well, you will find out.

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