Friday, August 26, 2011

The Innocent Murderer

A man named Steven Ian Nichols murdered 5 people recently. He was actually caught murdering a sixth, chopping her up with a hand axe. He was caught literally "red-handed" and covered in her blood. However, the first words out of his mouth were words of denial. "I didn't do anything wrong." he Steven insisted.
Furthermore, when arrested, he was offended that the police thought he was a "bad" person. He maintained that while in past counseling, the counselors taught him the importance of self-esteem & that he was beautiful, no matter what people said. He firmly held that he was innocent because he is a beautiful, perfect person. When he appeared before the judge he kept his chin up with a wide grin. Maintaining great self-esteem and confidence that God looked down upon him with the same wide grin. Thanks to the counseling he too has good self-esteem and believes that he can do nothing wrong.

This reminds me of the song by Christina Aguilerra "Beautiful", or by Pink "Perfect" or modern culture in the USA that teaches that we are to believe we are good people, who don't have any darkness in us.

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