Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Struggle with John 14:15

So I am at the point where I want to keep the Law as an expression of love for Jesus, to imitate Jesus, and to obey God's commands (1 John 2:3-6).
Keeping the Law doesn't save you, make you righteous, or to make God "happy" with you (aka you cannot manipulate God through obeying Him).

So I looked at several passages in Romans regarding the Law's proper place in the life of a believer today. Here are my thoughts, then a description of the Law's relationship to the godly one before & since the Messiah came.

Romans 3:19-22- The Law does not save us, it shows us how sinful we are. We are made right with God by placing our faith in Jesus the Christ.
Does this mean we can forget about the Law? (v. 31), No. Of course not. Having faith activates our ability to fulfill the Law.

Romans 4:16- Law =/= save
Romans 6:16- Law shows us HOW to obey God & live right
Romans 7:6- In the context, we must remember that Paul followed the Law. I will write my thoughts in this verse in the description section. This was the tough one.
Romans 7:7- Law shows us what sin is and what right living is
Romans 7:12- Law= holy, right, good, spiritual
Romans 8:4- Follow the Spirit =/= wrath & guilt

Description of the godly one's relationship to the Law before and after Messiah (Romsns 7:6 & other passages)-

The Old Ways, pre-Messiah
Law was a tutor
It was over us
Created an attitude/perspective of work & guilt & can be called the Law of Fear
It was like an anvil hanging over the heads of the people until Messiah would come to redeem them from the weight of conviction.

The Messiah comes
Brings us freedom from the guilty standing & weight of our sin
Changes our relationship & gives us freedom to approach God
Purchases our salvation & fulfills the requirements of the Law, thus He is our propitiation.

The New Ways, since Messiah
Our relationship and attitude is now understanding the Law as a law of love. Because of Messiah's work, we can rest & enjoy living for Him.
The Spirit leads us to understand & follow God's Law.
The Law, Torah, guides us to live holy lives.
The Law still shows us what the mark is. And Jesus is in the center of the Mark.
The Law is good, holy, right, spiritual. It is a path to guide our steps, and be obedient to Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.

In my mind, the Law shows me how to live & how to express the love I have for Jesus. He followed the Law, Paul did, the early church did, because it is God's fence of holy living.

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