Monday, February 20, 2012

Relook at the Law

So, I have had a few months to process the Laws role in the life of a child of God. My summary is, if you want to follow the Law, you are free to do so. However, you should not require or look down on others who do not do the same. You also need to understand that following the Mosaic Law does not earn you favor or better standing with God. I know this may sound radical to my Jewish friends, but even in your own books, you will see that no one was ever declared righteous by keeping the Mosaic Law. In fact, we cannot keep the Mosaic Law today, without breaking the Mosaic Law. God has made it IMPOSSIBLE to earn favor with Him through the Mosaic Law. We must look elsewhere. We must look to Jesus, God's son, the savior our our souls.

The Law is not bad, if one uses it Lawfully. Example, say I want to use Saturday as my chill out day. I am free to do so. Which is what I do. Does it earn me salvation? No. Is it pleasing to the Lord? Yes, because I am living to please Him, not because of the particular day.

I can expand for volumes, but I won't. Feel free to discuss this, debate/argue this with me.

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