Sunday, March 18, 2012

You Can Have It All...

"I will give it all to you if you will worship me." -Luke 4:7

Satan was tempting Jesus and told Jesus this when they were standing on a high mountain.
I was reading this verse this afternoon, while waiting for the COTL concert & it gripped me. I never really thought about what Satan was offering Jesus here, and how that relates to our lives.

Basically, Satan was saying, "I will give you X if you will compromise & worship me."
It reminded me of Exodus 20:3-6, which teaches that we shall have no other God's before YHWH, nor shall we bow down to them or worship them. Satan was calling Jesus to break the first two commandments. And in Hebrew culture, the higher on the list the commandments are, the more weight they carry.

Question for me, what is my X? What am I willing to compromise my faith, and the Lordship of God over my life in order to get?

For me, I struggle with three areas (overeating, lust, buying things) because they all promise instantaneous pleasure, although each of these, after the "transaction" often leave me with buyer's remorse. In short, I am a hedonist. My X is to feel good, to be relaxed, to be invigorated, and to feel peaceful.

So often I compromise what I know is right in order to get that X. But not Jesus, He knew first that all of it already belonged to God & that it would be given to the Son anyhow...just like we know that God will fulfill His promises over us also. Jesus was unwilling to sin, to compromise His relationship with His Father in order to find temporary pleasure, or a quick easy solution. He was much more intelligent than that. May I become more like Jesus here too.

God is MY Father, He loves me, and has promised to care for me. May I be content with the real, lasting pleasure that that brings.

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