Friday, July 13, 2012

Fruit Man

A man gave up his comfort & all that he knew to move to among the starving.
When he arrived he set up a stand in the poorest of cities.
At this stand he offered fruit, fresh water, and choice nuts & lean meat.

However, the people kept passing by and ignoring the man.
Some would look at the fruit, some would talk with the man.
They all admired the man but they would not eat or drink.

He watched as the children became sick.
He watched as the mothers put their babies in the ground.
He saw the fat stomachs of starvation & heard the cries of malnutrition.

He himself cried out, in their own language, "I offer you good food that will bring healing to you and your family.  It is free."
But this concept of being healed was foreign to the people.  They had grown accustomed to the centuries of death from starvation.

For years the man cried out.
And out of all the years, only a few took the fruit and were healed.

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