Wednesday, August 29, 2012

From Findlay to South Bend. How did this happen?

So, from what I've heard, this all seems sudden to a lot of people.  Therefore, I thought an explanation would be helpful to y'all. I've put it in FAQ format, based on the questions I've been asked.

1. Are there problems in the church that you saw?  
Yes. There are problems in every church.  What do we expect?  After all Christians aren't perfect, they just realize they aren't and that they need a savior and direction from God. This is not why we are leaving.
Shout out to Blair, Dave, Dan & the elders, I enjoy Pastor Blair, think he is a very strong leader. I also enjoy the direction the leaders are taking the church. Dan, I don't know you too well, but think you will be a blessing to the church & they should be thankful to have you. Dave, holy mackerel!  What can I say about you.

2. Did the leaders know about this change?
A. Blair has been discipling me to grow in my skillset to become a senior pastor.
B. Blair assumed that I would be transitioning out at some point, but didn't expect it this soon.  But neither did we.

3. Do you feel like you are abandoning the teens?  
Yes.  Of course I do. But I also understand that they will be cared for and that God is much bigger than me.  Also, Christians are to follow Jesus, not just some mere man. Teens are in the hands of their family & in the hands of God.

4. Is this bad timing?  
It is always a bad time to transition out of a Youth Pastor position, seeing that there is never a lul.  In my opinion, I leave things up to what I see as God's timing.  I am glad that he allowed me to at least be here to lead the summer mission trips.

5. So what led to this decision? 
-About 2 1/2 years ago the Lord started putting a burden for South Bend area on mine & Shellie's heart.  We started sensing God wanted us to minister to the people there. So we started praying & seeking God's timing on this.
-We looked at becoming a Lead Pastor at a church in South Bend to see if God was at that time opening a door, but sensed that God was not, so even though we know and love many of the people there, decided that God was not leading us in that direction.
-2 years ago, I was reading Scripture & praying about this burden & I believe the Lord had me write down "August 2012". Which I did, and you can see it in my journal.  So I believed the Lord wanted us to enjoy the people of Findlay for two years & work hard among them. (my philosophy is that I am on assignment for the Lord here on earth)
-July 2012, August was coming, so I started to once again seek the Lord's direction regarding this burden.  So we quietly put our house on the market sort of as a "fleece".  We set a deadline of August 13th.  If we didn't have a firm offer by then, we would assume that the Lord wanted us to enjoy Findlay for another school year.
-August 10th, we sold our house, 3 days before the deadline.  While we were on vacation. We even thought, well maybe we could stay anyhow, but felt like God was telling us, "Um, I sold your house before the deadline.  What do you think I want you to do?" So GERONIMO!  we are excited to follow the Lord and see what He has for us.

6. Wasn't this really fast?
Yes, it seems pretty fast!  The Korhorn family definitely feels that.  It has been a whirlwind for us...yet the decision has not been.
The process has been about 2 1/2 years, but the answer to when... happened very recently.

Here is what happened:We let the leaders know as soon as the inspections passed & we firmly sold our house.  Then the leaders let the church know right away.  And as timing has it, school started right away, so Shellie had to get the kids to school (they missed a week already).  And for me, I don't want to be away from my family any longer than 3 weeks.  They need dad to be in their lives. We let everyone know ASAP, and this was right on the heels of school starting.

7. What about the Youth while you are gone?
A. Parents are the primary spiritual leaders to the youth.
B. Blair & I are working hard on the transition.
C. In anticipation of "August 2012" I have been working on this transition for about 2 years.  Discipling people & getting good people plugged in.
D. There are still some holes in the high school youth group.  I am hoping to get some parents to help out until God brings on another pastor to serve as the point.
E. I am very emotional and will miss the teens & families.  But I trust that the Lord is bigger than Jeff Korhorn, and He will use this time for His glory.

Hopefully this makes sense.  Love God. Love people.