Friday, November 30, 2012

Mission & Core Values

Companies and Churches are known for these. So I thought it would be good to reveal my own.

Answers the question, "What do I do?" or "What is my Purpose in Life?":

My focus in life is to make disciples of Jesus.
My desire is to tell people, "Come, follow Jesus with me."
I get it from Matthew 28.

Core Values
Answers "How do I do what I do?" or the manner in which I do things or my ethic. I have 8.

1. Accurate. I will strive to accurately handle God's word.
2. Creative. I will creatively present God's word.
3. Obedient. I desire to be obedient to God.
4. Pure. I will strive to live with purity of character.
5. Care. I will care for the person in front of me.
6. Respect. I will respect the sanctity of life.
7. Compassionate. I will remember that people are on a journey-give them time to grow.
8. Thankful. I choose to have thankfulness for all God has done to me through Jesus.

All of these come from Matthew 22.

Feel free to hold me to it.  What is your mission and core values?

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