Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Old Man & The Ring

A discouraged young man went to see his mentor one day.
"I am a complete failure & feel worthless." he said.
The old man said, "I am busy.  You can either come back or you can help me finish my work so we can spend some time together."
"Sure", the young man excitedly said.
The old man turned and handed the younger a gold ring, "Take this to town and sell it.  Take no less than 1 gold coin for it."
The young man took the ring and went to town.  After several hours of asking people to buy the ring, he was never offered more than a couple pieces of silver.  Feeling even more rejected, the young man returned.
"No one was willing to pay the price for this gold ring", the young man told his mentor.
"Then get on the horse and take the ring to the jeweler.  He will know what the ring is worth" , said the old man.  "But don't sell it to him, no matter what he offers you.  Then come bring the ring back to me."

The young man got on the horse and headed back into town.  He came into the jewelers shop and asked the man to assess the ring.  "If you sell it to me now, I will give you 63 gold coins for it", the jeweler said.
"I was told not to sell it", claimed the young man.
"Well", said the jeweler.  "I could give you seventy gold coins, but it will take a couple days."
The young man thanked him & returned to the mentor.
"What did you discover", said the mentor.
"The gold ring was worth seventy coins", said the young man.
"Yes", the jeweler calmly said, while working in his shop, "a jeweler knows the true value of the ring, unlike the common men you saw in the market.  Never forget that", the old man put down his tools and turned toward the younger. "You are looking for people to give you your value or to notice what you are worth, instead of considering the Master's evaluation. If you want to see what you are really worth, look at the cross. And never stop looking at it.  People will never recognize your true value.  Only God can see that."

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