Thursday, December 6, 2012

Frontlines: Thoughts on Christian Warfare

Christians are in a War. Every day.  You are in a war when you enter the office, enter the school, wherever you go.
So yesterday morning I threw on my dogtags & headed off to the front lines.  On my way, God taught me a new perspective on Christian Warfare & especially on Ephesians 6.  Up until yesterday I did not really grasp this passage, although I have accurately taught it many times.

How does a Christian fight this spiritual war for the souls of man?  How does a Christian fight against the schemes of Satan?

Ephesians 6, we do not wage war as the world does.  Christians are not to fight like some Muslims or the military.  Here are some thoughts from this passage for the Christian's Warfare:

1. People are not our enemy! (Ephesians 6:12, 2 Timothy 2:23-26).
2. Before going on the frontlines, we need to arm ourselves with certain things.  The weapons of our warfare are (Eph. 6):
-Belt: Being truthful
-Body armor: Being righteous & holy
-Boots: Having the peace that comes from the good news
-Shield: Trusting/having faith in the Lord
-Helmet: Remembering our salvation
-Carbine: God's word
-Com Device: Prayer

Earlier this week I was subbing and found I am not allowed to share morality with people.  We were talking about AIDS & the kids asked how we get AIDS & how to keep from getting it. In our conversation, I mentioned that abstinence was the best policy and the assistant teacher told me that I was not allowed to go there.
I know the laws & will not violate them, for the sake of not getting the school into trouble.  Oddly though, you would assume that morality would help children.
So I have to make a choice, not mention truth or push wisdom, and morality...thus not really helping the kids blossom in life OR carefully use truth and package it without mentioning religion.  So, I have decided that because truth is good, I will put on the belt of being truthful & really love the kids.  It is part of my attire for battle.  I will be tactful, respectful, but if asked a question, I will answer it with truth & wisdom so I can really care for others.

So, Christians fight war by loving people & living for their eternal well-being.  This is how to fight a war, this is how to advance the Kingdom of God...and the gates of hell will NOT prevail against it.  So fight Christian. And tomorrow morning when you head out to the front lines, remember to arm yourself & love others!

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