Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke: Great Beats but...

Alright, I have to give my opinion on this song.  One thing that is frustrating is when there is a song with a great beat BUT the lyrics are terrible.

This song is such a song.  It has a hook that is sharp.
BUT from being derogatory to women by referring to females as B*&%#$s to casual sex, outside of the context of marriage, to the nastiness of talking about sex publically makes this song an inappropriate song choice for those trying to be a Philippians 4 type of person.

Wish the song was clean but not going to let it be used by the Adversary to blur my lines.  It is against my goals in life, which is to follow Jesus.  But dang, those are some good beats. Gonna skip this one & stick to other songs I like. (Plus, in about a month, this song will be old & overplayed...not gonna jump in the mud for a month of lure).

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