Sunday, August 4, 2013

Modern Day Untouchables

This is one of my "work through a verse" for devos this morning.  Thank God for Logos!  I can study the cultural words & know the intricacies of culture and language, being careful not to look too deeply.

Verse- Acts 10:28, "But God has shown me that I should no longer think of anyone as IMPURE or UNCLEAN."

Thoughts rolling around in my mind-
1. Peter (Jew) is talking to Cornelius (Gentile).  
In the Jewish culture, a Jew was not to go into a Gentile dwelling because they would defile themselves.  Because the gentiles were dirty.  they didn't follow the ceremonial laws, they didn't sit under the Oral Traditions, and they didn't have the Law, to guide their lives.

2. Does this mean that people are all holy spiritually?  No. But one is not defiled by being with Gentiles, or even eating their foods, pork, food sacrificed to idols, etc...

3. Impure (koinon)- common, defiled, specifically ritually unacceptable.  Unclean (akathartos)-a without kathairo clean...without being cleaned or uncleaned to be presented to God or to be legally clean according to the Jewish legal system (aka The Law).  

The teaching- Do not consider any person as ceremonially unclean, unacceptable, or defiled.  God loves people and NOW anyone who believes in Jesus will have their sins forgiven through his name (no matter how "defiled" they are).  (Acts 10:43)

Reminds me of this song, an oldie but goodie-
Listen to these lyrics.

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