Sunday, January 12, 2014

Your Life is an Aroma

From God's perspective

Without Messiah in your life-
To God, your life sends up an aroma like a diaper genie, left in the garage on the eve of a hot summer day.
You are like an archer who has just had a double shot espresso from Starbucks.  There is no way you are able to hit the target God has placed before you.
Your best efforts are as useful to God as a used maxi pad.
Your worship is like a death metal band in a cathedral.
Your best efforts amount to nothing.
You can earn no favor with God.
You still believe that these things are not true for you, though they may be true for another.
You are broken and do not realize it enough to cry out for God to save you in spite of your brokenness.

With the Messiah in you-
Disclaimer: First, it is The Messiah that makes the difference between these two people.  The believer is not BETTER than the unbeliever.  They are just BETTER OFF & have hope.  That is the difference.

You are like a beautiful worship service full of cell phone rings, and people shuffling around.
You are a sweet song of praise but with a broken piano.
You are an aromatic incense near a diaper genie, lifting up a sometimes beautiful fragrance to God, sometimes not so beautiful.
You are like a warm family devotion with a hard of hearing family member watching tv in the same room with a volume level of 100.
You life is like a gourmet meal, topped with crumbled potato chips and ketchup.
The beauty in your life comes from the Messiah living in you. The rest comes from being stuck inside a body that is so prone to wander.
But you have hope, favor with God, and forgiveness through your trust in the Messiah.  You are blessed.

You need the Messiah to save you, to have a relationship with God, your Creator.  Have you asked Him to rescue you? I hope you do.  We all need rescuing.

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