Monday, June 9, 2014

Lessons from the Wilderness

What are some things I have learned during these last 3 years hiking in the wilderness?

1. Man with dirty clothes expects to be seated.
Once upon a time a man came to dine at a fine dinning restaurant.  He was wearing greasy jeans and an oil stained t-shirt.  His hair was dirty & clearly needed a shower.  The host refused service to this man.  There was a clear dress code that was not being followed.

God is holy, we are not.  What makes us think we can approach God & think he will even answer us?  Has our theology become so man-centered that somehow we feel God owes us a response? Have we forgotten how utterly sinful we are?  How offensive and defiant we are towards God?  I know we have.

It is only through Jesus that we can even approach God.  Yet, many refuse to do even this. They think God is at their beckon call, while all the while refusing to come to the one who can wash us of our sin so we can even approach God.  He is NOT at our beckon call.  He is NOT required to even hear our prayers.  The blood of Jesus, when we admit that we have sinned, and come to Jesus for help, washes away our many sins (The grease and oil in our soul).  Through Jesus we can confidently approach his throne to find help in our moments of need.

And even so, God still is NOT required to answer us.  But He often does through the Spirit that resides in the believer.

2. "God...what is your will???"
God's will for us is given in His word, and is highlighted through His spirit, for His glory.
We beg and beg for God to tell us His will. But often while ignoring much of the will He has already told us.  For example, God's will for you is to primarily give thanks to Him in everything.

God's will for you is to know Christ, to follow Him, to live for His glory alone, to love Him with our being, and to love people as ourselves.  Let's first focus on these.  When we are pursuing these, we can then ask for specific insight. Which will probably be the opposite of what you are planning.

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