Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Discipleship Brainstorm

Here is a quick discipleship brainstorm/information dump:

1. When I think of "discipleship" I think Talmidim.  I look at the Hebrew way of education.  Particularly, I look to Jesus.  How he did things.
2. I think of the command of The Cause in Matthew 28.  We are called not to "Evangelize" but to "make disciples".  Not that we don't evangelize in this, we most certainly do.  But discipleship is the goal.  The master says, "Go and make disciples of all nations.  Baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, Holy Spirit.  Teaching them to obey all that I have commanded you."
3. The word disciple means student/follower. 
4. The goal of discipleship is to become like your rabbi. 
5. Discipleship cannot be done in a classroom alone.  In fact, a classroom is a worst case scenario, in my opinion.  Especially todays lecture classrooms.  Lectures are boring and do not inspire.  We are not computers.  So let's not make our disciples lecturers.
6. It is a program, but it is also organic.
7. I have always prayed about who the Lord would want me to disciple.
8. I always have an end date for discipleship (sometimes this comes later and not initially).
9. The goal of discipleship is to glorify God. This is done by passing the torch of God's word, my life, and them grabbing the call to make other disciples and keep passing the torch.
10. My discipleship has phases: 1)relational & learning, 2)go & reporting, 3)go & ask for help as needed, 4)then gone.  I am permanently available to disciples.
11. Must reads:


12. Typically this takes 2-3 years. 
13. I have done this with men, students, family, co-workers, and church leaders.  I do it differently each time.  Some places I have done this are: at someone's kitchen table, in my office, at Taco Bell, at a coffee shop, at work, in my living room, around my kitchen table, in the middle of an event, out in the woods, camping, fishing, during airsoft, shooting, laying in bed. This is done best while serving/ministering together....actually this is only done while serving/ministering together.

14. I could go into great detail, or write a book on curriculum.  Typically curriculum is done as I get to know them, see where they are, and see where the Lord wants them to go (ie, become holy & use their gifts to serve him).

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