Saturday, January 3, 2015


 I read Jesus' teaching on fear this morning, Luke 12:4-7.  it says,

"philois mou may, phobathate...may oun phobeisthe pollon strouthion diapserete."

Literally, "Friends of mine, fear not...fear not you carry more weight than all the sparrows."

Some thoughts-
1. Sparrows are significant to God.  Not one falls to the ground without Him knowing it.  Yes, common, brown sparrows.  Those little birds that are barely noticed by man....those ones.  They are significant to God.

2.  Who is the audience in this passage?  philois mou may - which means my friends, or friends of Jesus.  Are you his friend?

Note- Friendship with Jesus is seen through partnership in his mission, obedience to him, and trusting him for your salvation.  Are you his friend?  Do you at least strive to trust Jesus to save you, strive to obey Him, strive to partner with him in his mission of saving souls?  Is this your hearts desire?

3. His friends should not fear people who can, at worst, kill them.  If they want someone to fear, then fear God.  He has the power to both kill & send someone to Gehenna for eternity.  After all the fear of God is the beginning of wise living & thought.

4. If sparrows are significant to God, and Jesus' friends are worth the weight of all the sparrows, then you are very important, and significant, and valuable to God.  If you have nothing else in this world, at least you have that.

So be of good cheer, be a friend of Jesus. And refuse to fear.

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