Wednesday, June 22, 2016

How to treat broken people

I was really rebuked this morning, while reading Isaiah 54. And actually then, Isaiah 47:6, 48:17, and am excited to share this with you.
The bottom line was- those who treat others poorly will fall under the Lord's discipline. Don't / it isn't our job to "turn the screws" in order to teach people a lesson (i.e.- Egypt, Babylon).
I like to "help the Lord" by making life hard for those I believe God is teaching a lesson to. I often am afraid to give comfort and compassion on those who need to "learn a lesson". Babylon fell under judgement because they didn't show Israel mercy. Wow!
Also, I got to thinking about how in the earlier days of our country, pregnant single moms were kicked out of the church. How we use to be quick to remove people from our midst. People who already were under the Lord's rebuke but needed support, compassion, and to know that God is merciful. I am not saying people should never be removed from the church, certainly there are times for this, but sometimes we remove the wrong people, people who are broken.
I am committed to be compassionate to those who I judge are under the Lord's rebuke. I will care for them, show them kindness, and tenderly help them know how to get back onto the path of life.