Friday, March 2, 2018

Stubborn Habits: Maya & the Tree

We have a dog named Maya. She can't resist barking and biting our tree.
Here is her story.

One thing Maya loves to do is bark up the tree & bite the bark. We don't like her biting the bark. We don't like her barking a lot either.
So, we've put fences around the tree, we've attempted to train her, we've given her correction. Currently, we have both a fence and a bark collar. However, these measures occasionally (3x a day) still doesn't stop her. She can't resist the tree.
The only thing that seems to work is to go outside and yell at her when she heads toward that tree.
I have thought about getting rid of her so she doesn't kill the tree, because we like that tree. But we love Maya, so we wouldn't do that over a tree.

This got me thinking about myself, and other people who are striving to obey Jesus.
1. We know that we are loved, and that we are in the family because of Jesus work (Ephesians 2:8-10, John 3:16-18).  Kind of like Maya, our rescued dog. It wasn't because of Maya's behavior that we adopted her. Out of gracious mercy and generosity we adopted her into our family. She doesn't earn her keep, rather, she has our keep. She is a part of our "pack" not because of anything she has done, but because of loving grace. So, she doesn't have to do certain things to remain in the pack (and this is where the illustration falls short) unless she hurts or attacks one of the people in our "pack". She is safe, she is loved.
2. Do you have any trees, that the Lord has told you not to "bite the bark" on? Are there any stubborn habits that you keep going back to, but know the Lord doesn't want you to? I have those.
3. I have put up fences (Proverbs 7:24-27), have read the commands and desires of my Father, have been corrected by others, and I have even used "bark collars" to help me create a good boundary away from the trees. Now I will say that I have less trees than I use to. As I grew up in Christ, I lost interest in some of these, because my desire to enjoy close fellowship with Jesus became greater. But I still have a few trees. Some I know about, and others the Lord probably has not pointed out yet. I am like the homeowner and Maya in this story.
4. When I am mindful of the Lord's voice, I stay away from the trees. But it takes focus and it takes perspective. My default is to bite the trees, but there is also a part of me that doesn't want to bite them.
5. So what did Jesus teach about things that cause you to bite trees? He taught us to radically amputate. So we either move to a yard with no trees, put up an impeccable barrier around the tree, or cut down the tree (Matthew 5:27-30). To be honest, part of me still likes to bite the trees (I call it the flesh) and part of me never wants to bite a tree again (I call that the spirit) (ie Romans 7).

What will you do to quit biting the trees the Lord told you not to?

6. Maya apparently cannot learn this behavior on her own. She needs us, the tree needs us, to help her. So, we cannot desire or successfully stay away from things without the help of our Master. I am glad he is engaged and helps. 
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